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90+ Funny Pizza Puns and Jokes: Slice of Laughter




Funny Pizza Puns

Indulge in a slice of humor with pizza puns and jokes that deliver a topping of laughter. Perfect for foodies and comedy lovers alike, these cheesy quips are a feast for the senses.

Funny Pizza Puns

Funny Pizza Puns
Funny Pizza Puns
Funny Pizza Puns
Funny Pizza Puns
  1. A pizza joke? Never mind, it’s too cheesy.
  2. In crust we trust.
  3. Pizza is round, but it comes in a square box and we eat it in triangles. Life is full of circles.
  4. I pepper-only have eyes for you.
  5. Slice, slice, baby.
  6. You’ve stolen a pizza my heart.
  7. Keep calm and carry out pizza.
  8. This may be cheesy, but I think you’re grate.
  9. A pizza’s favorite song is “Slice, Slice Baby.”
  10. You wanna pizza me?
  11. Doughn’t you want another slice?
  12. Every pizza is a personal pizza if you believe in yourself.
  13. I’m all about that base, no treble.
  14. Olive you so much, especially on pizza.
  15. There’s no we in pizza.
  16. You can’t make everyone happy, you’re not pizza.
  17. Let’s crust our differences.
  18. Just dough it.
  19. A good pizza pun is all about the delivery.
  20. I knead pizza to live.
  21. Cheese and thank you.
  22. Life happens, pizza helps.
  23. Avoid the noid, enjoy the pizza.
  24. Sorry for what I said when I was hungry for pizza.
  25. My love for pizza is deep dish.
  26. Pizza: The wheel thing.
  27. Have a saucy day!
  28. Love is in the air… Nope, that’s pizza.
  29. Pizza doesn’t scream when you put it in the oven. I guess it’s just crust issues.
  30. Always trust people who like big crusts; they cannot lie.

Funny Pizza Jokes

Funny Pizza Puns
  1. Why did the pizza maker stop making pizza? He ran out of dough!
  2. What type of person doesn’t like pizza? A weir-dough.
  3. What did the pizza say to the delivery guy? “You don’t pepper-own me.”
  4. How does a pizza introduce itself? “Slice to meet you!”
  5. What’s a pizza’s favorite movie? Pie hard.
  6. Why was the pizza so good at math? Because it had lots of pi.
  7. What do you call a sleeping pizza? A piZZZZa.
  8. Why did the pizza go to therapy? It had too many topping issues.
  9. What does a pizza wear to smell good? Calzogne.
  10. What did the pizza say when it asked for a date? “Are you ready to crust your heart with me?”
  11. Why don’t pizzas make good detectives? They always leave a trail of evidence.
  12. What’s a pizza’s favorite song? “Cheesy like Sunday morning.”
  13. Why was the pizza box sad? It had a square meal inside a round pizza.
  14. How do you fix a broken pizza? With tomato paste.
  15. What did the pizza say to the topping that couldn’t keep up? “You need to ketchup!”
  16. Why did the pizza go to school? To get a little slice of education.
  17. What’s a pizza maker’s favorite saying? “It’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno!”
  18. Why did the pizza stop moving? It hit a deep dish.
  19. What did the mozzarella say to the pepperoni? “You’re topping me!”
  20. Why was the pizza so confident? It knew it had the sauce.

Funny Pizza Puns for Instagram

  1. Feeling saucy 🍕
  2. Slice, slice, baby! ❄️🍕
  3. Just roll with it 🍕💨
  4. Cheesy does it 🧀🍕
  5. Living that crust life 🍞🍕
  6. Slice up your life! 🍕✨
  7. Pizza my heart ❤️🍕
  8. The grate cheese escape 🧀🏃‍♂️🍕
  9. Crust a move 🕺🍕
  10. In dough we crust 🙏🍕
  11. Pizza: The ultimate circle of life 🍕🔄
  12. This is how we roll 🍕🚗
  13. Let’s get this bread 🍕🥖
  14. A slice a day keeps the gloom away 🍕🌞
  15. Cheesy grins all around 🧀😁🍕

Funny Pizza Puns Captions

  1. “Feasting on my pie-losophy 🍕📚”
  2. “You had me at pizza 🍕❤️”
  3. “Living the pizza dream 🍕💤”
  4. “Finding my slice of paradise 🍕🌴”
  5. “Just another dough in the wall 🍕🧱”
  6. “Serving up some slice advice 🍕💡”
  7. “Caught in a love triangle 🍕❤️📐”
  8. “Cheese the day! 🧀🍕🌞”
  9. “Doughn’t stop believin’ 🍕🎶”
  10. “Saucy and I know it 🍕💁‍♂️”
  11. “Crust me, it’s delicious 🍕👌”
  12. “The saucy life chose me 🍕🎉”
  13. “Olive for pizza nights 🍕🌌”
  14. “Pie-ning for more 🍕💫”
  15. “A crust above the rest 🍕🏆”

Funny Pizza Puns One-Liners

  1. “I’m on a seafood diet. I see pizza, I eat it.”
  2. “Do not fear, for the pizza is here!”
  3. “Breaking news: Pizza saves the day again!”
  4. “Pizza: Because adulting is hard.”
  5. “Lost in the sauce.”
  6. “When in doubt, pizza it out.”
  7. “A slice of heaven.”
  8. “Keep your friends close and your pizza closer.”
  9. “Life’s too short for bad pizza.”
  10. “Eat pizza, repeat.”
  11. “Life is not about finding yourself, it’s about finding pizza.”
  12. “Speak softly and carry a big pizza.”
  13. “The only love triangle I want is a slice of pizza.”
  14. “Pizza is my spirit animal.”
  15. “Happiness is a warm pizza.”


Whether you’re enjoying a slice or just dreaming about one, these pizza puns and jokes are sure to bring a smile to your face and a craving to your stomach.

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