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70+ Funny Brunch Puns and Jokes




Funny Brunch Puns

Brunch puns and jokes are a delightful blend of humor that marries the late morning meal with witty wordplay. Perfect for foodies and pun enthusiasts alike, these jests serve up a side of laughter with your eggs and bacon.

Funny Brunch Puns

  1. Let’s get fizz-ical with these mimosas!
  2. I’m on a seafood diet. I see food and I eat it.
  3. You’re bacon me crazy!
  4. Egg-cited for some poached perfection.
  5. This brunch is un-brie-lievable.
  6. Let’s toast to a great day ahead!
  7. I’m feeling waffle-y enthusiastic today!
  8. Scone but not forgotten.
  9. Don’t go bacon my heart.
  10. Yolk’s on you, I ordered the pancakes.
  11. Omelette you finish, but this is the best brunch.
  12. I like my coffee like I like my mornings – dark and endless.
  13. French toast to our egg-cellent friendship.
  14. I avo-crush on this avocado toast.
  15. It’s a brew-tiful day for brunch.
  16. I’m all about that baste.
  17. This meal is egg-straordinary.
  18. Keep calm and carrot on with those Bloody Marys.
  19. Crepe expectations for today’s brunch.
  20. A brunch without champagne is just a sad, late breakfast.
  21. Quiche me if you can!
  22. I’m feeling a bit over-easy today.
  23. Lettuce turnip the beet at brunch.
  24. Don’t worry, be frappy (with that Frappuccino).
  25. I found my soulmate, and it’s this pancake stack.
  26. When in doubt, brunch it out.
  27. Benedict Arnold was a traitor, but eggs benedict is loyal to my taste buds.
  28. This brunch is a piece of quiche.
  29. Feeling grate after that cheese platter.
  30. Brunch: where the coffee is strong and the mimosas are bottomless.

Funny Short Brunch Puns

Funny Brunch Puns
  1. Brunch: a meal between ‘I woke up’ and ‘I’m hungry’.
  2. Espresso yourself at brunch.
  3. This quiche is no yolk.
  4. Sunny side up your day.
  5. A latte fun at brunch.
  6. Muffin compares to you.
  7. Brew-tiful mornings.
  8. Brunch: where my dreams are made of cheese.
  9. Slice, slice, baby (for pizza brunch).
  10. A toast to good times.
  11. Bagel of my eye.
  12. Feeling whisk-y at brunch.
  13. Pancake my day.
  14. Jam-packed with flavor.
  15. Hash it out over brunch.

Funny Brunch Jokes

  1. Why did the coffee file a police report? It got mugged during brunch!
  2. What’s a pancake’s favorite horror movie? The Crepe.
  3. Why do we tell secrets over brunch? Because the eggs are great at keeping things confidential.
  4. What did the bacon say to the tomato? Lettuce brunch!
  5. Why was the omelette so good at tennis? Because it had a great serve.
  6. What’s a French toast’s favorite city? Paris, because it’s so Eiffel.
  7. Why did the brunch go to therapy? It had too many mimosas and started feeling waffle.
  8. Why don’t eggs tell jokes? They’d crack each other up.
  9. What did the avocado say to the toast? Without me, you’re just plain bread.
  10. Why was the yogurt at brunch so stressed? It was feeling a bit cultured.
  11. How do you make a mimosa laugh? Tickle its orange.
  12. Why was the bagel promoted at work? Because it was always on a roll.
  13. What’s a banana’s favorite gymnastic move? The split.
  14. Why do we love brunch so much? Because it’s a pour decision!
  15. What’s the best way to watch a brunch? With a cereal killer.
  16. Why was the coffee at brunch so cold? Because it was iced out.
  17. What do you call an adventurous egg? An eggs-plorer.
  18. Why was the cinnamon roll so good at school? Because it was on a roll.
  19. How does bread flirt? “Hey crumb here often?”
  20. Why was the brunch DJ so popular? Because he knew how to beat the eggs.

Funny Brunch Puns for Instagram

  1. “Brunch: the socially acceptable excuse for day drinking.”
  2. “Slay then rosé.”
  3. “Brunch so hard mimosas wanna find me.”
  4. “First, we brunch, then we do everything else.”
  5. “On cloud wine at brunch.”
  6. “Pancakes: stacks of happiness.”
  7. “A brunch without booze is just a sad, late breakfast.”
  8. “I’m in a committed relationship with brunch.”
  9. “Brunch vibes only.”
  10. “Waffles are just pancakes with abs.”
  11. “Syrup so good, it should be ille-gal.”
  12. “Egg-cuse me, but this brunch is amazing.”
  13. “Brunch: making every calorie count.”
  14. “Feeling poached and pretty.”
  15. “Weekend plans: turning coffee into brunch.”

Funny Brunch Puns Captions

  1. “Eggspectation: satisfied.”
  2. “All you knead is love and brunch.”
  3. “Found my brunch squad.”
  4. “But first, brunch.”
  5. “Keep calm and brunch on.”
  6. “Life’s a brunch, and then you dine.”
  7. “Mimosa mood on.”
  8. “Where there’s a whisk, there’s a way.”
  9. “Friends who brunch together, stay together.”
  10. “Making the world a batter place, one brunch at a time.”
  11. “Fueled by brunch and positive vibes.”
  12. “Bread & butter, but make it brunch.”
  13. “Let’s talk about brunch, baby.”
  14. “Love at first bite.”
  15. “Just another day in parrot-dise with these tropical mimosas.”

Funny Brunch Puns One-Liners

  1. “Brunch: because one breakfast isn’t enough.”
  2. “Unlimited mimosas? Omelette that slide.”
  3. “I’m very French toast-ic about brunch.”
  4. “A yolk a day keeps the gloom away.”
  5. “Benedicttion: a divine brunch experience.”
  6. “Making it grain with oatmeal at brunch.”
  7. “Brunch is my spirit animal.”
  8. “Spread the love, and the butter.”
  9. “Whiskey business at brunch.”
  10. “Olive for brunch weekends.”
  11. “Avocado toast for the millennial soul.”
  12. “Peas on earth, good quill to men.”
  13. “Life happens, coffee helps, brunch cures.”
  14. “Mimosas: because it’s brunch somewhere.”
  15. “Brunch, a hug on a plate.”


In conclusion, brunch puns and jokes are the perfect ingredients for a laughter-filled meal that’s sure to satisfy not just your hunger for good food, but also your appetite for humor.

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