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70+ Hilarious Prince Puns Fit for Royalty




Funny Prince Puns

Prince puns and jokes play on the regal and musical meanings of the word, offering a royal laughter experience that’s fit for a king of comedy. Whether about royal mishaps or iconic musicians, these puns are sure to crown your day with humor.

Funny Prince Puns

  1. Why did the prince go to the bank? To get his royal-tea.
  2. What does a prince eat for breakfast? A regal bagel.
  3. Why was the prince bad at basketball? He always missed his court.
  4. What’s a prince’s favorite fish? The heir-ing.
  5. How does a prince keep warm? With his heir conditioner.
  6. Why do princes make great musicians? They always know the key to the castle.
  7. What’s a prince’s favorite type of music? Crown rock.
  8. Why was the prince always calm? He had his throne to lean on.
  9. What do you call an organized prince? A monarch-ized.
  10. How does a prince get around? In a royal-ty carriage.
  11. Why was the young prince bad at spelling? He couldn’t find the right heir.
  12. What’s a prince’s favorite drink? Royal-tea.
  13. Why don’t princes get lost? They always find their way to the throne.
  14. What do you call a prince’s bad joke? Noble effort.
  15. Why did the prince go to school? To get his crown degree.
  16. What’s a prince’s favorite vegetable? The royal pea.
  17. Why do princes love the rain? It’s reign-ing.
  18. What do you call an athletic prince? A jock-royalty.
  19. Why was the prince’s handwriting so bad? He always wrote in cursive.
  20. Why did the prince study in the USA? To improve his English accent.
  21. What makes a prince’s garden so special? The crowned flowers.
  22. Why do princes always carry an umbrella? In case of reign.
  23. How do you know if a prince is working out? He’s getting a royal pump.
  24. What’s a prince’s least favorite chore? Taking out the noble trash.
  25. Why was the prince always in shape? He had a lot of heirs to run.
  26. What did the prince say to his stylist? “Make me look like royalty.”
  27. Why did the prince become a chef? He liked to cook up royal dishes.
  28. What’s a prince’s favorite game? Crowns and ladders.
  29. Why was the prince a good actor? He knew how to play the part of heir.
  30. How does a prince apologize? He says, “My regal-dies.”

Funny Short Prince Puns

Funny Prince Puns
  1. A prince’s favorite car? A coupe.
  2. The prince’s motto? “Heir today, gone tomorrow.”
  3. Princes don’t gamble; they royal flush.
  4. Princes never lie; they’re heir-est.
  5. In winter, princes prefer snow heirs.
  6. A prince’s favorite science? Chemist-heir-y.
  7. Princes always excel in heir-o-dynamics.
  8. Favorite kitchen appliance? The heir fryer.
  9. Princes love their heir-conditioned castles.
  10. A prince’s story is always a fairy-tale.
  11. The best at basketball? Air Heir Jordan.
  12. Princes prefer their drinks crown on the rocks.
  13. A prince’s life is always a crowning achievement.
  14. They don’t use doors, they prefer the heir-way.
  15. A prince’s favorite activity? Knight-clubbing.

Funny Prince Jokes

  1. Why was the prince always late? He had too many crowns to polish.
  2. What did the prince say when he lost his crown? “I feel so un-headed!”
  3. Why did the prince break up with the princess? She wouldn’t stop wearing his crowns.
  4. What do you call a prince who’s a ghost? The heir apparent.
  5. How does a prince stay updated? Through the royal grapevine.
  6. What’s a prince’s favorite shoe brand? Heir Jordans.
  7. Why don’t princes get cold? Because they live in drafty castles.
  8. How do princes like their steak? Medium regal.
  9. Why did the prince go to art school? To learn how to drawl a royal portrait.
  10. What’s a prince’s favorite subject in school? His-story.
  11. Why was the prince always stressed? Too much on his plate armor.
  12. What did the prince say during the chess game? “Check-mate, I’m the king here.”
  13. Why don’t princes play cards? Too many royal flushes.
  14. How do you tickle a prince? You say “Crown-chi, crown-chi, crown-chi!”
  15. What’s a prince’s favorite weather? When it reigns.
  16. How does a prince begin a story? “Once upon a royal time…”
  17. Why are princes bad at secrets? Too many leaks in the castle.
  18. What did the prince say to the mirror? “Reflect upon my reign.”
  19. Why did the prince go to the dentist? To get his crown checked.
  20. How do princes stay in shape? By running the kingdom.

Funny Prince Puns for Instagram

  1. “Living the royal-tea life.”
  2. “This prince charming just ran out of charm.”
  3. “Crown and out in the city.”
  4. “Just a prince looking for his Netflix account.”
  5. “In a relationship with my crown.”
  6. “Heir drying my hair.”
  7. “Too cool for royal school.”
  8. “Prince of bel-airing my laundry.”
  9. “Crowned in glory, grounded by reality.”
  10. “Not every day is a fairy-tale.”
  11. “Feeling princely in my new kicks.”
  12. “Heir today, gone tomorrow.”
  13. “A royal pain in the app.”
  14. “Crown selfies are the new trend.”
  15. “Just another day in my kingdom of comfort.”

Funny Prince Puns Captions

  1. “Just a casual day being princely.”
  2. “Heir to the throne, slave to the gram.”
  3. “My kingdom for a like.”
  4. “Crown on the rocks, please.”
  5. “Feeling regally awesome today.”
  6. “Just another manic monarchy.”
  7. “Royal-tea is my favorite brew.”
  8. “In my castle, Netflix rules.”
  9. “Every prince has his day.”
  10. “Throne alone.”
  11. “Living that fairy-tale life, minus the dragon.”
  12. “Royal and ready to mingle.”
  13. “Crowning achievement: this selfie.”
  14. “Lost my crown, but not my cool.”
  15. “A prince among men, a jester at heart.”

Funny Prince Puns One-Liners

  1. “Every prince has his knights.”
  2. “A prince’s life is never in vane, always in reign.”
  3. “I’m not lazy, I’m royalty resting.”
  4. “Heirs to the left of me, jokers to the right.”
  5. “Life’s a breach, then you ascend.”
  6. “Prince: because king-in-training sounds too formal.”
  7. “In the mood for a royal-tea break.”
  8. “Feeling the heir of mystery.”
  9. “Knights out for the heir.”
  10. “Heir today, crown tomorrow.”
  11. “A royal flush beats a full house.”
  12. “Castle living isn’t always fairy-tale easy.”
  13. “A little princely, a lot of pun.”
  14. “A knight to remember.”
  15. “Throne for a loop.”


Dive into the regal realm of humor with these prince puns and jokes. Whether you’re aiming to entertain your Instagram followers or just need a royal chuckle, these puns are your knight in shining armor, proving laughter truly is the crown jewel of life.

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