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70+ Funny Eclipse Puns and Jokes: Shadows of Fun




Funny Eclipse Puns

Eclipse puns and jokes shine a light on the humorous side of this celestial event, casting a shadow of laughter and making the phases of the moon and sun more enjoyable. Whether it’s a total eclipse of the heart or a partial giggle, these puns are universally funny.

Funny Eclipse Puns

Funny Eclipse Puns
Funny Eclipse Puns
Funny Eclipse Puns

1. I tried to watch the eclipse, but I missed it. Now I’m in the dark about what happened.

2. Why did the moon break up with the sun? Because it needed its space!

3. Eclipses are the moon’s way of photobombing the sun.

4. Did you hear about the moon’s new job? It’s now a sunblock.

5. Why don’t eclipses happen every month? The sun and the moon can’t agree on a schedule.

6. What did the sun say to the moon during the eclipse? “Finally, you’re in the spotlight!”

7. Why was the sun upset after the eclipse? It was outshone by the moon.

8. Eclipses: when the moon and sun decide to play peekaboo with the Earth.

9. Why do astronomers get excited about eclipses? Because they’re over the moon!

10. How do you organize a space party? You planet during an eclipse.

11. The moon during an eclipse: “Look at me, I’ve got a total phase lift!”

12. What’s the moon’s favorite type of music? Eclipse-hop!

13. Why did the eclipse go to school? To get a little brighter.

14. I missed the eclipse, so now I’m just shadowboxing.

15. Why did the moon get a ticket during the eclipse? Illegal blocking.

16. The only thing that overshadows an eclipse is its own pun.

17. What did the moon say after the eclipse? “That was just a phase.”

18. Why are eclipses so popular? Because they have a twilight following.

19. The eclipse: when the moon passes the sun without waving.

20. Why was the eclipse so sad? Because it was a passing phase.

21. Eclipses are just the moon’s way of throwing shade.

22. What’s an eclipse’s favorite game? Hide and seek.

23. How does the moon cut his hair? Eclipse it.

24. Why don’t eclipses trust anyone? They always find themselves in the dark.

25. What do you call an eclipse at lunchtime? A light snack.

26. Why are eclipses never surprised? They’re always predicted.

27. During an eclipse, the moon and sun have a brief meet and dark.

28. What do eclipses drink? Sunny D-light.

29. Why did the eclipse bring a suitcase? For its trip around the world.

30. What’s the moon’s favorite snack during an eclipse? Sun chips.

Funny Short Puns about Eclipse

Funny Eclipse Puns

1. Eclipses: nature’s way of dimming the lights.

2. Moon to Sun: “You’re glowing!”

3. Eclipses make the sun turn a blind eye.

4. The sun’s favorite chair? An eclipse.

5. Moon walks: because eclipses need drama.

6. “Eclipsing” the competition: the moon’s motto.

7. Sun during an eclipse: “Am I mooning you?”

8. A shady situation: every eclipse ever.

9. Eclipse: the moon’s moment to shine.

10. “Caught in the act!” – Sun to Moon.

11. Eclipse traffic: a celestial jam.

12. Moon during eclipse: “I’ve got your back.”

13. The sun’s eclipse: a temporary fadeout.

14. Sun to Moon: “Let’s circle back later.”

15. Eclipse: a cosmic game of tag.

Funny Eclipse Jokes

1. What do you call an eclipse on a beach? A sunny and moonlit night at the same time.

2. Why couldn’t the sun watch the eclipse? It couldn’t find its sunglasses.

3. What’s an eclipse’s favorite candy? Milky Ways and Starbursts, for that celestial munch.

4. How do you know an eclipse is over? The sun comes out of its shell.

5. What did the astronaut say during the eclipse? “Now, that’s a star-studded event!”

6. Why are eclipses like a good joke? They both have perfect timing.

7. What’s the difference between an eclipse and a banana? You can peel a banana, but an eclipse peels the daylight away.

8. How does the moon leave the sun after an eclipse? It waves goodbye.

9. Why was the eclipse arrested? For mooning the sun in public.

10. What do you call an eclipse in the desert? A light shower.

11. Why did the eclipse go to the party? To darken the mood.

12. How do eclipses keep their hair in place? With a celestial comb.

13. What did one eclipse say to the other? “Together, we can make daylight turn into night!”

14. Why do eclipses make poor secret keepers? They always let something slip.

15. What’s an eclipse’s favorite book? “Fifty Shades of Day.”

16. Why was the sun sad after the eclipse? It felt a little mooned.

17. How do you fix a broken eclipse? With a ring of light.

18. What’s an eclipse’s least favorite song? “Here Comes the Sun.”

19. Why are eclipses never lonely? They always have the earth’s shadow for company.

20. What did the sun wear to the eclipse party? A shade of night.

Funny Eclipse Puns for Instagram

1. “Eclipse: Sun’s out, moon’s out.”

2. “Total eclipse of the heart… and the sun.”

3. “Caught in a bad romance: Moon shadows Sun.”

4. “Eclipse vibes: When the day decides to hit snooze.”

5. “Sunny side up, with a chance of moon.”

6. “When the moon photobombs the sun #Eclipsed”

7. “Shady business: The moon covering the sun.”

8. “Sun and moon, in a fleeting meet-cute.”

9. “Blocking the sun, because I’m the moon’s biggest fan.”

10. “Day turns to night? Must be eclipse o’clock.”

11. “Moon over sun, a love story eclipsed.”

12. “When the earth, moon, and sun line up for a selfie.”

13. “Dancing in the dark: Eclipse edition.”

14. “The moon’s big moment: stealing the sunlight.”

15. “Eclipse season: When the moon gets all the spotlight.”

Funny Eclipse Puns Captions

1. “Solar and lunar in one frame #EclipseGoals”

2. “Eclipse: Catching some cosmic shade.”

3. “When the sun takes a brief intermission.”

4. “Moon: 1, Sun: 0 #EclipseScore”

5. “Throwing a little moonlight on the situation.”

6. “Eclipse ready: Watching the day turn to night.”

7. “The moon’s sneak attack on the sun.”

8. “A little eclipse drama to spice up the day.”

9. “Sun, moon, and earth: The ultimate trio.”

10. “Under the moon’s shadow: Eclipse watching.”

11. “Eclipsing all other events today.”

12. “The day the moon played hero and villain.”

13. “When night and day collide: Eclipse magic.”

14. “Sunset at noon? Only during an eclipse.”

15. “The moon, blocking sunrays like it’s no big deal.”

Funny Eclipse Puns One-Liners

1. “Eclipses: Because even the sun needs a break.”

2. “Moon to sun: ‘You light up my life, now it’s my turn.’”

3. “The moon’s favorite hobby: throwing sunshades.”

4. “Eclipse: A celestial cover-up.”

5. “Sun and moon: Playing tag across the sky.”

6. “A little eclipse humor to brighten the dark.”

7. “Moon: ‘I’ll cover you!’ Sun: ‘Thanks, I needed that.’”

8. “Eclipse: When the moon gets cheeky.”

9. “The moon, sun, and earth: A love triangle.”

10. “Eclipse: The moon’s time to gloom.”

11. “When the sun gets eclipsed, it’s just taking a shadow bath.”

12. “Eclipse: The ultimate light switch.”

13. “Sun: ‘Miss me?’ Moon: ‘Just a phase.’”

14. “The moon’s temporary tattoo: a sunspot.”

15. “Eclipse: A shadow of a doubt.”


In conclusion, eclipse puns and jokes bring a light-hearted touch to the cosmic dance between the sun, moon, and Earth, proving that even celestial events can have a funny side.

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