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90+ Funny Dragon Ball Puns and Jokes: Super Saiyan Silliness




90+ Funny Dragon Ball Puns and Jokes

Funny Dragon Ball puns and jokes breathe fiery humor into the universe of this beloved anime. They fuse the world of Saiyans, Dragon Balls, and epic battles with a touch of lighthearted laughter, perfect for fans looking to add a super saiyan spin to their day.

Funny Dragon Ball puns

 Funny Dragon Ball puns
 Trunks Dragon Ball puns
  1. Why don’t Saiyans lock their doors? Because they always want to Goku in.
  2. What do Saiyans wear to the beach? Trunks.
  3. How does Vegeta call for Goku’s help? He gives him a Cell.
  4. Why was Goku always calm? Because he knew how to Chi-lax.
  5. What’s a Saiyan’s favorite vegetable? Broly.
  6. Why did Goku go to school? To improve his Ka-me-ha-me-ha-ndwriting.
  7. Why did Bulma go to therapy? She had too many Trunks in her past.
  8. How do Saiyans like their steak? Medium rare, with a side of instant transmission.
  9. Why can’t you play hide and seek with Vegeta? Because he always finds you in a flash.
  10. What did Frieza say at the bar? “Ice to meet you.”
  11. Why did the Saiyan cross the road? To get to the other Sai-side.
  12. What’s Piccolo’s favorite game? Namekian tag.
  13. How do you organize a Saiyan party? You planet.
  14. What does a Saiyan poet write? Kame-haiku.
  15. Why did Vegeta break up with his girlfriend? She said he had a Vegeta-ble heart.
  16. How do Saiyans keep their hair so spiky? They use Super Saiyan gel.
  17. What’s Goku’s favorite instrument? The Piccolo.
  18. Why don’t Saiyans get cold? Because they have plenty of ki to keep them warm.
  19. How did Vegeta compliment Bulma? “You’re over 9000!”
  20. Why was Goku bad at lying? Because everyone could see right through his transparent Saiyan.
  21. What’s a Saiyan’s favorite car? A Ford Fusion.
  22. Why did Goku stop eating fast food? It wasn’t fast enough for his instant transmission.
  23. What do you call a Saiyan who loves gardening? A vege-ta.
  24. Why was Frieza always cold? Because he couldn’t handle the heat of the battle.
  25. What do you call a group of musical Saiyans? A rock band because they always hit the Cell.
  26. Why did the Saiyan refuse to leave Earth? He wanted to keep his Gohan.
  27. How do Saiyans throw a party? By planet-busting into dance.
  28. Why do Saiyans make great detectives? They always get to the Cell of the problem.
  29. What do Saiyans use to call each other? Their Cell phones.
  30. Why did Goku refuse to give up? Because quitting is not in his Vegeta-bles.

Funny short puns about Dragon Ball

  1. Saiyan grace before meals: “Let us Goku.”
  2. Vegeta’s bakery slogan: “Our buns are over 9000!”
  3. Goku’s laundry day: “Time to air my Chi.”
  4. Bulma’s mood swing: “Feeling blue-hair today.”
  5. Piccolo’s favorite day: “Namekian Independence Day.”
  6. Saiyan’s favorite music: “Rock the dragon.”
  7. Frieza’s favorite ice cream: “Cold-hearted vanilla.”
  8. Trunks’ favorite game: “Time-travel tag.”
  9. Saiyan’s diet: “Low-Carbo.”
  10. Vegeta’s favorite exercise: “Gravity push-ups.”
  11. Gohan’s homework excuse: “My dog ate my dragon ball.”
  12. Yamcha’s social media status: “Feeling Krillin’ it.”
  13. Krillin’s barbershop: “Bald and proud.”
  14. Tien’s favorite sport: “Tri-beam tennis.”
  15. Master Roshi’s beach wear: “Shell-ter in style.”

Funny Goku Puns

 Funny Goku Puns
  1. Why did Goku refuse to join the Spice Girls? Because he’s more into Chai-Chi.
  2. What does Goku say when he’s confused? “Kame-hame-huh?”
  3. Why doesn’t Goku ever get lost? Because he always finds his way back to Chi-Chi.
  4. How does Goku like his eggs? Saiyan-side up.
  5. Why did Goku go to the party? To raise the ki.
  6. What’s Goku’s favorite day of the week? Saiyan-day.
  7. Why did Goku break up with his calculator? It couldn’t handle his power levels.
  8. How does Goku refuse a cup of tea? “No, thanks. I prefer Senzu beans.”
  9. What’s Goku’s favorite game? Dragon Ball tag.
  10. Why was Goku always late to school? He took the Flying Nimbus route.
  11. What does Goku wear to a business meeting? A tie-yen.
  12. Why couldn’t Goku write his autobiography? Because his life is an endless series of battles.
  13. Why did Goku stop playing baseball? Every time he hit the ball, it went Super Saiyan.
  14. What’s Goku’s least favorite vegetable? Broc-CO-lee.
  15. Why does Goku love space? Because it’s the only place where he can really go Super Saiyan-galactic.

Funny Vegeta Puns

  1. Why does Vegeta never use elevators? He’s always taking things to the next level.
  2. What did Vegeta say to the vegetable? “I guess we’re both Saiyan greens.”
  3. Why doesn’t Vegeta play hide and seek with Bulma? Because she always finds him, no matter how Super Saiyan he goes.
  4. How does Vegeta keep his hair so spiky? He uses Prince’s Pride Hair Gel – “For that Super Saiyan Shine.”
  5. Why was Vegeta always picked first for basketball teams? Because he’s great at getting air time.
  6. What’s Vegeta’s favorite part of a joke? The punch line, because it reminds him of punching Goku.
  7. Why did Vegeta go to art school? To improve his drawing of Goku – so he could finally beat him on paper.
  8. Why does Vegeta hate fast food? Because he can’t stand anything with less power than him.
  9. What do you call Vegeta when he’s acting silly? Vege-tickle.
  10. Why does Vegeta never tell secrets? Because he doesn’t want to risk them going Super Saiyan.
  11. How does Vegeta like his coffee? As dark as his mood before fighting Goku.
  12. What’s Vegeta’s favorite workout? The “Galick Gun” lift.
  13. Why doesn’t Vegeta write checks? Because he believes in direct power transfers.
  14. What did Vegeta say when he entered the bakery? “I’m here to conquer all the rolls.”
  15. Why is Vegeta bad at chess? Because he always loses his patience before making it to checkmate.

Funny Dragon Ball jokes

  1. Why did Goku refuse to get a job? Because he couldn’t find one that was Super Saiyan compatible.
  2. How does Piccolo make a salad? He uses his special beam cannon-dressing.
  3. Why don’t they play poker in the Dragon Ball universe? Too many people trying to steal the pot.
  4. What did Vegeta say to Bulma on Valentine’s Day? “You’re my final flash of love.”
  5. How does Frieza organize his schedule? With a freeze-a planner.
  6. Why was Krillin always picked for soccer? Because he was the best at getting kicked around.
  7. What’s Goku’s favorite part of the house? The flying Nimbus cloud-bed.
  8. How did Gohan apologize to his teacher? “Sorry for the Cell phone disruption.”
  9. Why did Vegeta buy an iPhone? He heard it had a great power level scanner.
  10. What do Saiyans read in the morning? The Daily Buu.
  11. Why did the Dragon Ball episode go to jail? It was charged with battery and assault.
  12. How do Saiyans spice up their love life? With a bit of instant transmission.
  13. What’s the worst thing about fighting a Saiyan? They never hit their Goku-off.
  14. Why don’t Saiyans use paper maps? Because they prefer to fly by the seat of their pants.
  15. What did Goku say to Chi-Chi during a fight? “I wish we could just press pause and power up.”
  16. Why did the Dragon Ball fan get lost? Because he was looking for the dragon road instead of the Silk Road.
  17. What’s Frieza’s favorite hobby? Chilling out.
  18. Why are Saiyan chefs the best? They always bring the heat.
  19. What do you get when you cross Yamcha with a ghost? A dead fighter walking.
  20. Why was Bulma upset with Vegeta? Because he always said he was under pressure.

Funny Dragon Ball puns for Instagram

  1. “Feeling Super Saiyan, might delete later.”
  2. “Just Saiyan, today’s workout was over 9000!”
  3. “Out here looking for the Dragon Balls, wish me luck.”
  4. “Trying to keep my Chi balanced like Goku.”
  5. “Hair’s as spiky as Vegeta’s temper today.”
  6. “Eating greens like Piccolo. #HealthyLiving”
  7. “Channeling my inner Saiyan for this Monday.”
  8. “In the mood to destroy a planet or two. #JustVegetaThings”
  9. “Finding my inner peace, or as Goku calls it, Chi.”
  10. “Training to beat Kakarot in everything. #VegetaGoals”
  11. “Floating through the week like I’m on a Nimbus.”
  12. “Sipping tea like it’s Senzu Bean juice.”
  13. “In a relationship with my weights. #GymFreak”
  14. “Just a Gohan in a world full of Gotens.”
  15. “My dog ate my homework…and my Dragon Balls.”

Funny Dragon Ball puns captions

  1. “Catch me Goku-ing to new heights.”
  2. “Just a Saiyan girl living in a Dragon Ball world.”
  3. “Training hard to avoid getting Krillin-ed.”
  4. “Roshi said I need more beach training. #LifeIsABeach”
  5. “Feeling like a Super Saiyan in these new shoes.”
  6. “Vegeta said I’m the prince of his heart.”
  7. “Senzu Beans are my kind of snack.”
  8. “Nimbus clouds and Super Saiyan dreams.”
  9. “Finding my Zen in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.”
  10. “Goku’s workout plan: 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 compliments to Chi-Chi.”
  11. “My love for you is over 9000!”
  12. “Just doing my best to avoid the Frieza aisle.”
  13. “A little bit of Saiyan in my life, a little bit of Namek by my side.”
  14. “Every day’s a good day when you’re a Saiyan.”
  15. “Vegeta might be the prince, but I’m the king of puns.”

Funny Dragon Ball puns one-liners

  1. “I’m not a photographer, but I can picture me and you fighting Frieza.”
  2. “You must be a Saiyan, because my heart just went Super Saiyan.”
  3. “Vegeta in the streets, Goku in the sheets.”
  4. “I’d let you steal my Dragon Balls.”
  5. “Are you a Dragon Ball? Because I’ve got my eye on you.”
  6. “Saiyan grace before meals: ‘Kame-hame-hungry!’”
  7. “My power level stays high, but my puns stay low.”
  8. “Are we in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber? Because time flies with you.”
  9. “I’m like a Saiyan, I just keep getting stronger.”
  10. “Keep calm and carry on? No, train hard and go Super Saiyan.”
  11. “Is your name Vegeta? Because you’re causing a Big Bang in my heart.”
  12. “I’d cross the universe for you, and not just on a Nimbus.”
  13. “Did it hurt when you fell from Snake Way?”
  14. “My love for Dragon Ball is like Frieza, it just keeps coming back.”
  15. “Goku might save the world, but I’m here to save your day.”

Dragon Ball Pick up Lines

  1. Charm Offensive: “Hey there, my heart beats for you like a Super Saiyan powers up!”
  2. Sweet Tooth: “Did Buu turn you into candy? Because you’re awfully sweet!” (Use with caution, might be misread.)
  3. Future Goals: “Looking at you is like a trip to Capsule Corp – filled with amazing technology and future potential.” (Works best if your date knows Bulma’s inventions.)
  4. Training Partner: “You seem strong. Want to train together and see who can reach Super Saiyan first?” (Playful and gauges their interest in the show.)
  5. Legendary Love: “My love for you burns brighter than a Spirit Bomb!” (A classic Dragon Ball reference.)
  6. Fusion Fun: “They say fusion is the ultimate technique. Want to practice the Fusion Dance with me sometime?” (For the true fans!)
  7. Dragon Determination: “I may not be Goku, but my determination to win your heart is stronger than any Saiyan!”
  8. Scouting Potential: “My Scouter might be broken, but it’s definitely picking up a high level of cuteness!”
  9. Second Chances: “They say the Dragon Balls grant wishes. Maybe I can wish for a date with you?”
  10. Namek Love: “You’re more beautiful than all the Namekian Dragon Balls combined!” (For the name geeks!)
  11. World Tournament Winner: “I might not be a World Martial Arts Champion, but I’m sure I can win you over!” (Lighthearted and self-deprecating.)
  12. Time Travel for You: “Seeing you makes me wish I had a time machine, so I could meet you sooner!”
  13. Power of Love: “They say love can conquer all. Maybe it can even conquer my fear of asking you out.”
  14. Instant Transmission to Your Heart: “I may not be able to Instant Transmission, but I hope I can teleport into your heart.”
  15. Keeping it Simple: “Hey, you’re pretty awesome, just like a Senzu Bean – a guaranteed energy boost for my day!”


Dive into the world of Dragon Ball with these puns and jokes, where every laugh is a step closer to achieving Super Saiyan levels of happiness. Whether you’re a fan of Goku, Vegeta, or any other character, there’s a pun here that’s sure to bring a smile to your face.

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