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70+ Funny Door Puns and Jokes: Hinged on Humor




Funny Door Puns and Jokes

Doors aren’t just entryways; they’re a gateway to laughter with their open-and-shut humor. Enjoy a collection of door-related puns and jokes that will knock on the door of your funny bone.

Funny Door Puns

Funny Door Puns and Jokes
Funny Door Puns and Jokes
Funny Door Puns and Jokes

1. I used to sell doors, door to door. Guess you could say I was an adoorable salesman.

2. Why did the door go to therapy? It had too many unhinged moments.

3. A door’s favorite movie? “The Great Esc-ape.”

4. Doors hate summer because they can’t handle the knob!

5. Why don’t doors ever get lost? Because they always know where the exit is.

6. What do you call a door when it’s not a door? When it’s ajar.

7. Doors to the gym are the hardest to open because they are always working out.

8. Why did the door keep yawning? It was bored.

9. Doors in a haunted house are always so rude. They love to slam themselves.

10. Why are doors terrible at poker? They always fold.

11. What did one door say to the other door? “You’re unhinged!”

12. Doors are the best at hide and seek because they always shut up.

13. Why was the door afraid of the comedy? It didn’t want to crack up.

14. What’s a door’s favorite hobby? Hanging out.

15. Why was the door always calm? It knew how to stay ajar.

16. Doors are not great at math because they always get jammed at the multiplication table.

17. What do you call a well-dressed door? Adoorable.

18. Why don’t doors get along with windows? Because they have too many panes between them.

19. A door’s least favorite song? “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” – it hits too close to home.

20. What did the key say to the door? “You unlock my heart!”

21. Why are doors bad storytellers? They always skip to the end.

22. Doors in a bakery always smell sweet because they are ajar of cookies.

23. Why was the door so good at basketball? It always slammed.

24. Doors don’t use social media because they can’t handle the trolls.

25. What’s a door’s least favorite food? Squeaks.

26. Why did the door refuse to open? It had a lock of motivation.

27. How do doors greet each other? “Wood you like to come in?”

28. Why was the door always tired? It was a knob-turner at night.

29. Doors are the biggest fans of horror movies because they love a good scare.

30. What do you call a door that loves to dance? A jamboree.

Funny Short Door Puns

Funny Door Puns and Jokes

1. Doorbells: A knock-off of a real visit.

2. Doors: They swing both ways.

3. “Wood” you let me in?

4. A doormat’s life: Floored.

5. Doors: The original sliders.

6. Knock, knock. Who’s there? A door.

7. Hinges: Doors’ knee-caps.

8. Locked doors: Introverts.

9. Doors: Just pane-less windows.

10. Doors always know the way out.

11. Handle it like a door.

12. Doors: The flip phones of walls.

13. Knocking: Door’s workout.

14. Doors: Portal professionals.

15. The key to a good door joke? Timing.

Funny Door Jokes

1. Why did the door join the band? Because it had a great jam.

2. What do you call a door that’s a knight? Sir Latch-a-lot.

3. Why are doors so good at stand-up? They always have a solid opening.

4. How do you apologize to a door? You re-key your differences.

5. What’s a door’s favorite game? Board games – especially if it’s Plankopoly.

6. Why was the door always in charge? It was a real closer.

7. What did the door say after a break-in? “I feel so unhinged.”

8. How does a door sign off a letter? “Wood regards.”

9. Why do doors make terrible thieves? They always leave a trail of hinges.

10. What’s a door’s life motto? “Stay open to opportunities.”

11. Why did the door get promoted? It was outstanding in its field.

12. How do you make a door laugh? Crack it up.

13. What did the door do when it got cold? It put on a coat of paint.

14. Why was the door so wise? It had many openings in life.

15. What does a door do when it’s sad? It lets itself go.

16. Why did the door go to the dentist? It had a cavity in its panel.

17. How does a door say goodbye? “I’ll swing by later.”

18. Why are doors terrible at secrets? They always spill the beans at the slightest knock.

19. What did the door say to the wall? “I feel attached to you.”

20. Why did the door refuse to open for the ghost? It didn’t want to let the spirit down.

Funny Door Puns for Instagram

1. “Feeling adoorable today. #DoorLover”

2. “Just a door hanging out with its frame. #PerfectFit”

3. “Unlocking the door to happiness. #KeyToMyHeart”

4. “A door’s life: Hingeing on the edge. #SwingLife”

5. “When one door closes, another selfie. #DoorArt”

6. “Knocking on the doors of adventure. #OpenUp”

7. “Doors: They really know how to make an entrance. #GrandOpening”

8. “Keeping the door to my heart ajar. #LoveUnlocked”

9. “Life is a door. Make sure it opens the right way. #LifeChoices”

10. “A door and its lock: A secure relationship. #TogetherForever”

11. “In a relationship with my door. It’s complicated. #ItsAJam”

12. “Behind every door, there’s a story. #MysteryUnveiled”

13. “Doors: Not great at poker, but excellent at openings. #PokerFace”

14. “Life’s too short to stay behind closed doors. #ExploreMore”

15. “Feeling unhinged? Let’s open up. #TalkItOut”

Funny Door Puns Captions

1. “When life shuts a door, open a window. #BreezeOfHope”

2. “Doorbells: The original instant messaging. #RingMe”

3. “Feeling a bit unhinged today. #LooseScrews”

4. “Doors: The OG swipers. #SwipeRight”

5. “Life’s doors come with keys, not remotes. #ManualEffort”

6. “Knock knock. Who’s there? Opportunity. #OpenUp”

7. “Closed doors make us appreciate the open ones. #Grateful”

8. “A door’s purpose: To be a gateway, not a barrier. #Pathways”

9. “Keep pushing until the door opens. #Persistence”

10. “Every door leads to somewhere. #DestinyCalls”

11. “I’ve got the key to success. It’s next to my door key. #Keyholder”

12. “Doors: The best listeners, always ready to open up. #GoodFriends”

13. “Let’s handle it like a door: With care. #GentleTouch”

14. “A closed door is just a wall’s way of saying ‘not yet’. #Patience”

15. “Embrace the doors of change. They open up new worlds. #NewBeginnings”

Funny Door Puns One-Liners

1. “Doors: The original escape room.”

2. “Every door has a story; mine’s a mystery.”

3. “Life’s too short for closed doors.”

4. “Doors: They really know how to swing it.”

5. “A door’s motto: ‘Come on in!’”

6. “The best doors come with a key.”

7. “Hingeing on success, one door at a time.”

8. “Unlock your potential, like a door.”

9. “A knob is a door’s handshake.”

10. “Doors: Opening up possibilities.”

11. “Closed doors are just paused opportunities.”

12. “Every door can be a gateway to adventure.”

13. “Doors: They make an entrance and an exit.”

14. “A door’s life: Panel discussions daily.”

15. “Doors: The true openers of opportunity.”


Door puns swing open the door to endless humor, proving that even the most ordinary objects can unlock a world of laughter. Whether you’re knocking on the door of pun mastery or just looking for a way to open up a smile, these door jokes and puns are the key.

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