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70+ Funny Bone Puns and Jokes: Bone Appetit




Funny Bone Puns and Jokes

Bone puns are a humerus way to tickle your funny bone, cracking up friends with their skeletal humor. From orthopedic surgeons to dogs, no one can resist these bone-afide jokes that are guaranteed to be a rib-tickling good time.

Funny Bone Puns

Funny Bone Puns and Jokes
Funny Bone Puns and Jokes
Funny Bone Puns and Jokes

1. I would tell you a skeleton joke, but you might not find it very humerus.

2. Why do skeletons hate the cold? It goes right through them!

3. Why didn’t the skeleton go to the dance? He had no body to dance with.

4. Bone voyage! Said the skeleton going on holiday.

5. Why are bones so calm? Because nothing gets under their skin.

6. Why don’t skeletons fight each other? They don’t have the guts.

7. What do you call a funny bone? A humerus.

8. Why was the skeleton always so chill? Because nothing gets under his skin.

9. What’s a skeleton’s favorite instrument? The trom-bone.

10. Why do skeletons make great farmers? They’re experts at growing spine-chilling crops.

11. I find bone jokes very humerus.

12. Why did the skeleton start a fight? He had a bone to pick.

13. What do you call a skeleton who won’t work? Lazy bones.

14. Why don’t skeletons like parties? They have no body to dance with.

15. What did the skeleton say before dinner? Bone appétit!

16. What do you call an adventurous bone? An Indiana Jones.

17. Why are bones so good at keeping secrets? Because they’re buried.

18. Why was the skeleton so lonely? Because he had no body.

19. What’s a skeleton’s least favorite room? The living room.

20. Why couldn’t the skeleton cross the road? He didn’t have the guts.

21. Why do skeletons drink milk? To keep their bones strong.

22. What do you call a skeleton snake? A rattler.

23. Why did the skeleton go to the party alone? Because he had no body to go with him.

24. What do you call a skeleton who uses a doorbell? A dead ringer.

25. Why was the skeleton so calm in the storm? He didn’t have any skin in the game.

26. Why are skeletons so good at lying? Because they can’t face up to anything.

27. What did the osteopath say to the bone? I feel it in my bones that you’ll crack under pressure.

28. Why don’t skeletons like fast food? Because they can’t stomach it.

29. What’s a skeleton’s favorite room in the house? The living room – it’s always dead quiet.

30. Why do skeletons hate winter? Because the cold goes right through them.

Funny Short Bone Puns

Funny Bone Puns and Jokes

1. Bone to be wild!

2. You’re rib-tickling funny.

3. Bone-jour, mon ami!

4. That’s tibia honest.

5. Feeling marrow-minded today.

6. A grave mistake.

7. Skele-ton of fun!

8. Ulna kidding me?

9. Bone-afide genius.

10. Marrowly escaped!

11. Tibia or not tibia?

12. A skele-ton of laughs.

13. Bone appétit!

14. Femur-less.

15. No bones about it.

Funny Bone Jokes

1. Why did the skeleton go to the barbecue? To get another rib.

2. How do skeletons call their friends? On the tele-bone.

3. Why was the skeleton so good at lying? Because he could never face the truth.

4. What do you call a skeleton who tells jokes? A funny bone.

5. Why don’t skeletons play music in church? Because they can’t handle the organ.

6. What’s a skeleton’s favorite place to eat? At a rib joint.

7. Why did the skeleton cross the road? To get to the body shop.

8. What do you call a skeleton detective? Sherlock Bones.

9. Why did the skeleton stop bullying? He realized it wasn’t humerus.

10. How do skeletons know when it’s going to rain? They can feel it in their bones.

11. What did the skeleton say to his enemy? “I’ve got a bone to pick with you!”

12. Why did the skeleton stay calm during the argument? He knew nothing could get under his skin.

13. What do you call a skeleton who sleeps all day? Lazy bones.

14. Why do skeletons hate spicy food? It goes right through them.

15. What’s a skeleton’s favorite song? “Bad to the Bone.”

16. Why did the skeleton go to the prom alone? Because he had no-body to go with.

17. What’s a skeleton’s favorite activity? Bone fishing.

18. How do skeletons keep their bones clean? With a skele-brush.

19. What did the skeleton waiter say to the customer? “Bone appétit, everything here is rib-licking good!”

20. Why don’t skeletons ever use cell phones? Because they prefer to rot-ary dial.

Funny Bone Puns for Instagram

1. Just chilling with my skele-friends. #BareBonesParty

2. This place is dead exciting! #SkeletonCrew

3. No body to dance with but still having a blast! #SoloSkeleton

4. Keeping it real and skeletal. #BonesAboutIt

5. Just dropped my new single, “Rib-tickling Laughter.” #BoneToBeWild

6. Hanging out in the skeleton closet. #ClosetBones

7. Bone appétit! Serving looks and laughs. #FashionSkeleton

8. On a marrow escape from reality. #BoneVoyage

9. Caught in a skele-ton of traffic. #BonyCommute

10. Feeling bone-tiful today. #SkeleGlam

11. Running on caffeine and calcium. #SkeletalRoutine

12. Just a skeleton with big dreams and bigger bones. #AspiringSkeleton

13. My humor? Darker than my eye sockets. #SkeletonHumor

14. Spine-tingling adventures await! #AdventurousBones

15. No bones about it, today was fantastic! #SkeletalBliss

Funny Bone Puns Captions

1. “Life’s just a bowl of bone-ies.”

2. “Keep calm and carry a funny bone.”

3. “Just out here living my best bone life.”

4. “Feeling a little rattled but still smiling.”

5. “Bones, beaches, and good vibes only.”

6. “Skeleton in the closet? More like party in the bones.”

7. “I’ve got a skele-ton of work to do.”

8. “Shaking my bones to the beat of my own drum.”

9. “Marrows in the making.”

10. “Boning up on my puns.”

11. “Don’t worry, be happy, and laugh your bones off.”

12. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way… and a funny bone.”

13. “Finding the marrow-velous in every day.”

14. “Bones and stones may break my zones, but jokes will never hurt me.”

15. “Living that bare-bone lifestyle.”

Funny Bone Puns One-Liners

1. “Skeletons are never serious, they’re always ribbing you.”

2. “I’m a bone-ified expert in punology.”

3. “Keep calm and marrow on.”

4. “That’s a no-brainer – said no skeleton ever.”

5. “A bone’s best friend is a dog.”

6. “I’ve got this feeling in my bones.”

7. “Skeletons are great at stand-up – they always bring down the house.”

8. “My jokes are so funny, they’re bone-chilling.”

9. “Got a bone to pick? Let’s hear it.”

10. “A skeleton walks into a bar and says, ‘I’ll have a beer and a mop.’”

11. “Bones are great storytellers. They’re always dug up.”

12. “Why do skeletons make terrible thieves? They always leave a trail.”

13. “Feeling skeletal, might delete later.”

14. “I find your lack of spine disturbing.”

15. “Skeletons don’t mind the cold; they’re already chilled to the bone.”


Bone puns are the ultimate way to crack a smile, proving that a good laugh is deep in our marrow. Whether it’s a skele-ton of fun or just a rib-tickling one-liner, these jokes prove that humor never dies.

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