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+120 Bagel Puns and Jokes: A Hole New Level of Fun




Bagel Puns and Jokes

Bagels are more than just a popular breakfast item—they are a source of endless delight and an opportunity for some light-hearted humor. Adding a touch of wit and cleverness to your day, bagel puns are a fun way to celebrate the beloved circular treat.

Whether you’re a fan of the classic plain bagel or enjoy the variety of flavors and toppings, bagel puns bring a smile to your face and an extra dose of enjoyment to your morning routine. In this article, we’ll serve up a platter of 100 funny bagel puns that will make you chuckle and appreciate the humor that can be found in these doughy delights.

Funny Bagel puns and jokes

Here are the 100 funny bagel puns and jokes:

1. I was feeling a bit doughy, so I had a bagel for breakfast.

2. Don’t bag-elieve everything you hear!

3. What do you call a bagel that can fly? A plain doughnut.

4. Bagels are always up roll some fun!

5. I’m always raisin the bar when it comes to bagel puns.

6. I donut know what I would do without bagels!

7. Bagels are my holey grail of breakfast foods.

8. Bagels are just a-maize-ing!

9. Bagels have a certain a-peel that’s hard to resist.

10. Bagels: the true bread-winners.

11. Don’t worry, be bagel-y!

Funny bagel puns

12. Bagels are my jam!

13. When life gives you lemons, have a bagel instead.

14. My favorite game is bagel-ball.

15. Bagels are the ultimate breakfast ring-leaders.

16. Bagels make my heart go “dough-nuts”!

17. Why did the bagel bring a ladder? To reach for the “sky-high” flavors!

18. Bagels: the round MVPs of breakfast.

19. Bagels are always ready to lend a dough-y hand.

20. You can’t bag-elieve how good these puns are!

21. Bagels are like hugs, but with cream cheese.

22. I’m a bagel-iever in the power of carbs.

23. Bagels are the “whole” package.

24. What’s a bagel’s favorite type of music? Pop music, of course!

25. Bagels: proof that good things come in rounds.

26. Bagels make every day a little brighter and “hole”-somer.

27. I’m in loaf with bagels!

28. What’s a bagel’s favorite exercise? The dough-nut twist!

29. Bagels are the unsung heroes of breakfast.

30. Bagels make mornings more be-dough-tiful.

31. I’m a bagel-ista!

32. Bagels have a certain “je ne sais quois” that sets them apart.

33. Bagels are the perfect fuel for rolling with the punches.

34. Life is too short for boring bagels.

35. Why did the bagel go to therapy? It needed some filling-fulfillment.

36. Bagels are my daily bread.

37. Donut worry, be bagel-y!

38. Bagels: the breakfast champs.

39. Bagels make everything butter.

40. What did the bagel say to the bread? You’re toast!

41. Bagels are the champions of the yeast.

42. Bagels and lox make for the perfect pairing: fin-credible!

43. Bagels: the reason the world spins round.

44. Why did the bagel get an award? It rose to the occasion!

45. Bagels are always ready to seize the dough.

46. Bagels are the true MVPs of breakfast spreads.

47. What’s a bagel’s favorite type of movie? A roll-licking comedy!

48. Bagels: where the dough meets the delicious.

49. What did the bagel say to the coffee? “Let’s get brewing, my friend!”

50. Bagels are the true morning champions.

51. Bagels make any day a little bit “dough”-lightful.

52. Why did the bagel go to the art museum? It wanted to see some dough-mestic masterpieces!

53. Bagels are proof that good things come in round packages.

54. Bagels are the ultimate breakfast superstars.

55. What’s a bagel’s favorite type of movie? A “roll”ercoaster thriller!

56. Bagels bring a “hole” lot of happiness to my mornings.

57. Bagels are the unsung heroes of the bakery.

58. Why did the bagel go to the party? It wanted to have a “hole” lot of fun!

59. Bagels are the perfect canvas for delicious toppings.

60. Bagels are the circle of deliciousness.

61. Bagels are like a warm hug for your taste buds.

62. Why did the bagel start a band? It had a lot of dough to share!

63. Bagels make the world go round, and round, and round…

64. What’s a bagel’s favorite sport? “Roll”-ler derby!

65. Bagels: the breakfast treat that’s always on a roll.

66. Bagels are the ultimate satisfaction for carb cravings.

67. Why did the bagel join the circus? It wanted to be a “doughnut” trapeze artist!

68. Bagels are the hole package of deliciousness.

Funny Bagel pun

69. Bagels are the doughy delights of the morning.

70. What did the bagel say to the toaster? “You make me feel so toasty!”

71. Bagels are the round wonders of the bakery.

72. Why did the bagel break up with the cream cheese? It just wasn’t spreading the love anymore!

73. Bagels are the perfect cure for morning hunger pains.

74. Bagels bring a little extra joy to every morning.

75. What’s a bagel’s favorite type of dance? The “roll” and twirl!

76. Bagels: the breakfast choice that never goes stale.

77. Bagels have a unique ability to make mornings more enjoyable.

78. Why did the bagel go to space? It wanted to be the first intergalactic roll!

79. Bagels are the true heroes of the brunch table.

80. Bagels: the dough-nutty delights of the morning.

81. Bagels are the perfect way to start your day with a smile.

82. Why did the bagel get a promotion? It was on a roll at work!

83. Bagels have a magical power to turn any morning into a good one.

84. Bagels and cream cheese are the dynamic duo of breakfast.

85. What do you call a bagel that can do magic tricks? A “roll”ing illusionist!

86. Bagels are the ultimate morning indulgence.

87. Bagels: where the dough meets the delicious.

88. Why did the bagel go to the gym? It wanted to get its fill of “roll” models!

89. Bagels make mornings a little more flavorful.

90. Bagels are the champions of the bakery world.

hat bring joy to my taste buds.

95. What’s a bagel’s favorite game? “Dough”-dgeball!

96. Bagels are the delicious rounds that make mornings complete.

97. Bagels have a unique ability to make every day feel a little more special.

98. Why did the bagel go to the dance party? It wanted to show off its smooth “roll” moves!

99. Bagels: the ultimate comfort food in a round package.

100. Bagels are the breakfast staple that never disappoints.

Bagel puns for Instagram captions:

1. “Start your day with a bagel and a smile. It’s the perfect breakfast combo!”

2. “Bagels: the wheel deal.”

3. “Donut worry, be bagelicious!”

4. “Feeling a little doughy, but that’s okay because bagels make everything better.”

5. “Bagels and I have a special bond. We’re always on a roll!”

6. “Carbs are my love language, and bagels speak it fluently.”

7. “Life is too short for boring breakfast. Choose bagels and enjoy the deliciousness!”

8. “Bagels: the ultimate ring leaders of breakfast.”

9. “In a world full of muffins, be a bagel. Stand tall and be proud of your roundness.”

10. “Bagels make mornings better, one bite at a time.”

11. “Don’t worry, be bagel-y. Everything will be just d’oh-kay!”

12. “Bagels: my jam, my cream cheese, my everything.”

13. “There’s no such thing as too many bagels. Bring on the carb party!”

14. “Bagels are proof that good things come in rounds.”

15. “Bagels and lox: a match made in breakfast heaven.”

16. “I’ve got 99 problems, but a bagel ain’t one.”

Bagel joke and pun

17. “Bagels: the ultimate breakfast squad goals.”

18. “Bagels are my morning sunshine, spreading joy one bite at a time.”

19. “Bagels are the ultimate breakfast romance. They stole a pizza my heart!”

20. “Life is better with a bagel in hand. It’s the little things that bring joy.”


 In a world that can sometimes feel too serious, bagel puns provide a much-needed lighthearted escape. They remind us to find joy in the simplest things, like a well-crafted pun or a warm and delicious bagel. Whether you share these puns with friends, use them as Instagram captions, or simply enjoy a laugh to start your day, bagel puns offer a playful way to brighten up any moment. So, let’s embrace the delightful humor of bagel puns, and may they continue to bring a smile to our faces and add some extra flavor to our lives, one clever wordplay at a time. Remember, when life gets tough, don’t worry—be bagel-y!

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